FLESH AND BONE: a “best of” selection of music from BBC3’s brilliant zombie drama series, In the Flesh. Tracks are in chronological order.

1. Charon - Keaton Henson | 2. To Your Health - Keaton Henson | 3. Corpse Roads - Keaton Henson | 4. Don’t Swim - Keaton Henson | 5. Beekeeper - Keaton Henson | 6. Strong Hold - Terry Devine-King | 7. Never Play - Emily and the Woods | 8. Flesh and Bone - Keaton Henson | 9. All For One - Philip Guyler | 10. Reach for the Stars - Terry Devine-King/Adam Drake | 11. 10am Gare Du Nord - Keaton Henson | 12. Party Song - Keaton Henson | 13. Polar Winter - Sam Kills Two | 14. You - Keaton Henson

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Rin+Haru in 7 please


imageSorry it’s taking me so long to get to all these. I’ve been super busy and every time I tried to sit down and work I’d just get distracted. Also sorry for another cheek-kissing drawing, I just think cheek kisses are super cute. 

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moze neki post na hrvatskom za najvjernije fanove

Moze bre sad cemo da ga napisemo

Sad sam slucajno stisla nesto I pojavili su mi se neki smajlici he znam ksko D’s sad to vratim a imam I autocorrect me da mj se ni to gsiti pa nece has biti najhrvatskoji post. Dana’s nam he jazavas unistio kikuruz. ☺😊😑😈😐⌚🎩🐔🐣🐁:) :-[ :-D ⏳♉⚓🏠 nasla Sam!!! Dana’s Sam kao trebala ic na dijetu all he onda ujna radios prefin rucak I kolac pa nista of toga, onda San trebala pocket uxit fizioku ali Sam zapela ns jednom zadatku I odustala I sad tu tipkam na stolu su knjige na krwvrtu he hulahup a nista Nisan no takla. Na stolu he I prsut.

Mater jede papriku. Baba gleda tursku seriju. Brat he na kompjutoru. Ostali mi nisu u vidokrugu pa he znam sta rade.

Ubola me pcela I Dana’s Sam skidala krpelja macku s pincetom Ali he znam jel ostao zalac ili nije. Jucer Sam jela kikiriki u wasabiju.

Aide bok.

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whats the low down on ant man? /confused



oh man. oh man. right, so:

ant-man had been in production FOREVER when they finally announced paul rudd and michael douglas for scott and hank, respectively (at the end of last year i think). at this point it became apparent that it wouldn’t be about hank and janet, as i think people had thought it might be. but it was meant to be scott lang’s origin story, which involves a heist.

i, being an obsessive, had already worked this out from old interviews. but there was literally no reason that jan couldn’t still be present in the film. she doesn’t have to be tied to hank. they didn’t announce any women for the film at this point, either actor-wise or character-wise, although various actresses were rumoured (mostly rashida jones for jan, and later on evangeline lilly for just the single female role that there was no name attached to, oh sorry, what’s that, “female lead”). a bit later on they announced that patrick wilson had been cast in an unnamed role, and a handful of other actors were confirmed too.

then edgar wright walked, with whisperings about how marvel had rewritten the script and made it worse.

what does this mean?

i’m a big fan of scott (i really WANT to like this film!), and his origin story in the comics is about him trying to help his ill daughter. he needs to save a specialist doctor who’s been kidnapped, and the ant-man suit (disused at this point) is the best way he can think of doing that. he’s driven to theft from desperation. he’s not a super-genius (he’s smart but he’s not reed richards), he’s not super rich, he’s a guy trying to do what he can. interviews that have been given this week have made it apparent that they’ve kept the part of the plot where he fights darren cross (and he… presumably… he now tries to steal something from him? rather than saving a doctor who’s been kidnapped?) but they have removed:

  • scott stealing the ant-man suit (he now gets given it by hank, he becomes his protege)
  • cassie (his daughter) being his key motivator. she doesn’t appear to be in the film at all.
  • his entire… personality? this is what michael douglas said about the relationship between pym and lang: “I need help, I desperately need help. I need someone who’s a master thief, someone with a brilliant mind, and somebody who can pull off a really great heist.”

also, michael douglas has stated that jan is dead.

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I said way back when Ant-Man was announced that it could be Marvel’s first real cinematic dud, and it would have to work hard on that “ordinary single parent everyman” angle to capture any sort of warmth and charm.

The more I read about Ant-Man and Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the more I worry that the MCU has peaked in 2014 with CATWS & GOTG, and now it’s facing a steep decline - for all fans, but most especially for women and people of colour.


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brooklyn nine-nine is great but what about brooklyn nine-nine-nine. nine members of the nypd locked in a sinking ship under mysterious circumstances and forced to work together to escape by solving a series of increasingly difficult logic puzzles lest they all succumb to one of many particularly grisly and untimely forms of death

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vic stone knew friendzoning was bullshit like 20 years ago

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1.03 "SCREWBY"

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