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AO3 savior, blacklist tags for your fic reading convenience. 


Because I’m silly like that I never thought to make a post before, but here is one now. If you didn’t know, there is an extension that allows you to block tags, authors, or works that contains certain words in the summery on Navigating the preferences is different, but it functions in much the same way as tumblr savior or the xkit blacklisting tool. You can add whatever items you would like to be blocked in the preferences and they will appear on the site like this


  • You must already have or be able to install Greasemonkey
  • Once you’ve done that the userscript for the AO3 savior can be found here.
  • Install the script in Greasemonkey, then access the preferences (in Firefox go to the ‘Tools’ click down menu and select ‘Add-ons’, select the user scripts page and open the preferences for the AO3 savior. I don’t know the specifics for other browsers sry but it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate, just click around)
  • Once you are in the preferences you will want to edit the script.
  • Within the script find this section


  • Add whatever people, places, and things you would like to blacklist. make sure that you surround each item with apostrophes like sterek' and use a comma to separate the items.
  • Have fun fic hunting in safety and comfort!

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The perspective of every girlfriend Bucky Barnes has ever had tbh

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Headcanon: annabeth is bad with her phone ( it's a really old phone too like one of those flip phones) anyway piper tries to help out and their faces are supper close to each other trying to see the screen. then they both look at each other, and you know... They....did stuff... That is NOT junior fiction... If you get my drift....♋️


you assume, anon, that annabeth or piper are any kind of smooth. 

although tbh that was kinda smooth annabeth one for you

Jason and Tim 13, 16, or 19


13: Sleep cuddling

Tim’s asleep. He’s almost diagonal across his expensive sheets, surrounded by fancy pillows in neutral colours. His room looks exactly as lived-in as usual; which is to say, not at all. 

He isn’t snoring, but his breath comes in little gasps sometimes, uneven huffs and sighs. He’d been sick recently, was probably still recovering. The cold air wouldn’t help.

Jason watches from the doorway. Paused. He hadn’t expected the place to be so quiet, especially considering it’s just after 1am. Hell, he hadn’t figured Tim would even be home, wanted to grab a snack in his amazing, entirely unused kitchen, and then get some sleep.

His damn place was compromised again, and the kid has got a sweet setup. Usually.

He takes a silent step closer to the bed, and Tim’s eye cracks open. 

Jason doesn’t say anything, just takes off his boots one at a time. Leaves them by the door. He shucks his jacket next, and then his shirt. 

Tim’s eyes have drifted closed again disinterestedly. He’s still more than halfway asleep, comfortable. Relaxed. 

It’s probably stupid of him, to be this trusting, Jason thinks. But it’s kind of a nice feeling, having a someone in his so-called family who sometimes trusts him. Because for all his big talk, even Dick is still on his guard whenever he’s around.

He takes his phone out of his back pocket and hesitates, hand on his belt. He glances toward the bed again, to see the babybird watching him lazily, eyes slits. He mumbles, “Y’re okay?”

“Did you know,” Jason says instead, “That Goldie is asleep on your couch?”

“Damian shotgunned the gues’ room,” he says, into a pillow. 

Jason processes this. “And they… don’t have homes of their own?” he concludes, eventually.

“Don’t you?” Tim says, still watching him in the dark.

He kicks off his jeans, then, scowling. He’s in a t-shirt (#YOLO printed large across the chest, because he never said he wasn’t an asshole), and a pair of truly hideous boxer shorts.

He puts his folded clothes into a vaguely-tidy pile by his boots, figuring that the pretender’s floor is probably cleaner than the plates he eats off. And he walks closer to the bed.

He lifts a corner of the covers. “Move over.”

“My bed,” Tim says, enunciating carefully through his mouthful of pillow, “My rules.”

“Christ,” Jason says. “You little shit.”

“ ‘m comfy.

“You’d better be, ‘cause that’s the position you’re gonna die in.”

Tim’s eye cracks open. “Yeah, right.” And, “You could always go home.”

Jason sighs, easing his way under the covers. Then, irritated, “Least lift your stupid head.”

Babybird obliges, even halfway-rolling onto his side. And Jason, as always faintly self-conscious of his bulk, carefully fills the gaps Tim’s left vacant. The sheets are faintly warm and stupid plush, a silk cotton blend on goosedown, and Tim’s head is heavy on Jason’s arm, his hair tickling bare skin. 

Safe-houses and the state of vigilantism being what they are, it isn’t the first time he’s shared a bed with Tim. But admittedly it’s usually less planned than this, typically one of them injured or drugged or a bit of both. If he’s honest, he’d expected a bit of a fight with the kid, or a sincere (but patronising) offer of enough money for a hotel. Tim, who’s so careful with his space. 

But he sometimes forgets how well Tim’s people-reading skills are.

“If I hit you in my sleep,” Jason says, quietly. “You get a free face-shot tomorrow, okay?”

“… Reassuring,” Tim mumbles wryly, eyes closed. 

“Why are the demon and his pet Batman here?”

“One of them’s here ‘cause B’s an asshole, an’ the other one got lonely.” Tim snorts, then, says “I honest t’God don’t know which one’s which.”

Jason snickers, low, and Tim sleepily slings an arm over his torso, curling a little closer. “Now shush, I’m sleeping.”

Jason doesn’t laugh, but he does say, “Goodnight, Baby b.”


And it takes a few minutes, but Jason is sure that the Replacement’s asleep again. Which is why his heart jolts when he hears a rasping whisper, right by his ear–

You’re going for a bagel run tomorrow.”


nightcall | a cyberpunk / 80’s winter soldier fanmix | listen

Q: Did you have any rituals while putting on the costume, that helped you get into character? Sebastian Stan: “I played a lot of sound tracks from different movies. Also Daft Punk was huge for me and David Bowie and The Terminator soundtrack, believe it or not. I love music. You know, I’ve always wanted to do an ’80’s movie! I love that music!” (x)

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