"If you have the time to fantasize about a beautiful death, then how about living life beautifully, until the end."

I wish I read this five, seven years ago, during a time when I thought about this sort of thing a lot, and acted on it less frequently. Gintama is 90% dick/poop jokes, but the 10% that is crushing human truths is infinitely more poignant because of it.

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10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

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“In the beginning, nobody knew what to make of us. Seven super-powered Avengers fans—who came together because the Avengers had fallen apart. Now there are four of us and we’ve fallen apart. I have no idea what will happen to us. But maybe that’s the point. That there are no guarantees. There are no happy endings. But you show up anyway. You don’t give up, you never give up. Maybe that’s what it takes…to be a hero.”

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"Well, lads. You’ve discovered a species hitherto unknown to science, quite possibly non-terrestrial in origin, and you kicked its fuckin’ head in!
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the new 52

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TURNS out two heads really are better than one. Two people have successfully steered a virtual spacecraft by combining the power of their thoughts - and their efforts were far more accurate than one person acting alone. One day groups of people hooked up to brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) might work together to control complex robotic and telepresence systems, maybe even in space.

Mind-meld brain power is best for steering spaceships - tech - 01 February 2013 - New Scientist


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lmao!! idk that blue beetle comic guy?? XD

Jaime? Nope, but nice guess, he probably would be in the top 20!

Ko je ovo? Ako je Uzi, otkud ti znas za to, sumnjivo je ovo meni. Stalkeru, nocas budi drug. >_>

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this is the product of an unimaginable amount of boredom and the passion (or urge?) to organize — a character chart for band of brothers and the pacific, and i figured others would like to have some kind of go-to page with extra information, too. :)

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